Welcome to the Oasis Coalition!

We are a coalition that seeks to support, empower, and give voice to the homeless and poor of Boston.  Although our organization is young, many of us have extensive experience working with those on the margins in the Boston area.  Check out our About Us page to learn more.


The key lies in the word, ‘community.’  Most of us take it for granted that we belong to a wider community the employed, the educated, and the relatively prosperous.  The men and women whom Oasis Coalition serve do not belong to that wider community, though some once did.  They are, instead, distanced from it for a variety of reasons, ranging from addiction, mental trauma, or medical problems to instances of great and inescapable misfortune.  Many are military veterans while others are drawn from a broad spectrum of social, geographical and educational backgrounds.  They share a common need radically underserved at present to be treated, first and foremost, as people; not patronized, not treated as patients, or even as victims.

Hence our VISION:

‘To encourage the marginalized to overcome adversity through community’

And our MISSION:

‘To foster the creation of programs that inspire and nurture dignity and respect through collaboration with service-oriented communities in the Boston area’

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