Oasis Book Club

What is believed to be the first Book Club for the Homeless was pioneered by Ron Tibbetts and it was the first program Oasis started.  Since its inception, the book group has been profiled extensively in the media including coverage on CBS, the Boston Globe, and NPR and was recently featured in a book, The Book Club Cookbook.  This Oasis initiative has inspired something of a movement across the United States.

The Book Club brings together a small group of people, homeless and housed, to discuss and critique any book they choose.  This group has read works of classical and contemporary writers, and has embraced participants across the economic and social spectrums.  Open and respectful conversations inspire new levels of self-respect and a sense of self-worth, and provide an opportunity for developing relationships.  The value of the program to some of its participants is best summarized in the words of one member who, when asked to join, remarked, "Imagine that. Someone’s finally realized that some of us can read."

Tuesdays, 10AM - 12 PM

Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin Street, Boston, MA

Rev. Ron Tibbets and Rob Day (coordinators)


All are welcome to join us

For those who are interested in starting their own book club, we have assembled an outline of our model that answers frequently asked questions.  Feel free to contact us if you need more guidance after reading the document.