Women's Group

This informal social gathering of unhoused and marginally housed women of all ages provides an environment that fosters community, individuality, and a sense of value.  The women-focused space opens the door to personal conversations that focus on the core issues and concerns of the group’s members.

Mondays and Thursdays, 9-11 AM

Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin St. Boston, MA

Barbara Wade, Program Manager


All women welcome

Women’s Program Manager Barbara Wade explains: “Each Monday and Thursday morning, a small group of women from across the economic spectrum come together to enjoy a time of community and safety.  Many are currently without their own homes; others have made their way back into humble living accommodations, while still others are successfully housed for a sustained period.

Women's Group

Pictured: A recent Women's Group Gathering

“They come together to experience the deep friendship that safe time together, without the pressures of the world, can provide.  They play games, do arts and crafts, watch movies, share snacks and conversation—all as they grow to trust each other and to care for each other in a way not always possible in their daily lives.

Friends of Oasis

Pictured: The Women's Group at our annual holiday party, 2011

“The grounding theme of the Women’s Project is respect.  Everyone expects and receives full respect from each other.  All members have a strong voice in the program and all ideas are shared and discussed.

“Many of those who take part in the group each week are victims of domestic violence, and it is because they live in fear that they are unwilling to be photographed, interviewed or otherwise identified.  It has been a life-changing experience to witness the fear these women live under, and a profound joy to offer them this respite and safe place to land—this Oasis.”

Oasis Coalition of Boston fosters a collaborative style for every one of our programs.  The Women’s Project is a powerful and successful program offering a wonderful learning experience to the young women of Suffolk University, who volunteer their time with the Women's Group.

We have expanded this program from one morning a week to two and, in time, we hope to expand it further to perhaps several mornings weekly in different locations around Boston.  To do this, we will need your support.  If you are interested in donating to this or any of our programs, please visit our donate page.

The Women's Group also welcomes in-kind donations; right now there is a need for toiletries and socks. Donations may be dropped off at the Church on the Hill (140 Bowdoin St., Boston) during Women's Group program hours: Mondays, 9am-11am and Thursdays, 9am-11am. If you have any questions about material donations to the Women's Group, contact Barbara Wade.